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Michael Rex’s Floating Forms

Michael Rex (Hooker) is a multi-dimensional artist whose recent exploration into creating Wire Sculptures has resulted in a series of dramatic pieces that tease the imagination along many paths. These pieces show an evolution in his range from the pure simplicity of wire forms in classical shapes to the more complex ‘forms within forms’ that suggest a deeper inspiration. The shapes are biomorphic, derived from all types of life forms. Each changes as the light and air strike them; when lit at night and casting shadows on the walls around them the effect is magical.


Michael’s pieces are created by hand , mostly with 20 gage wire looped in continuous forms. Some are executed in annealed wire and others are in insulated copper to preserve the color of the wire. Michael has also created copper pieces in uninsulated wire that can be hung out of doors and will develop the greenish-blue patina seen on older copper pieces.  


The inspiration for Michael’s work is twofold. As a young child he was mesmerized by the mechanics of knitting and recalls many moments looking over the shoulder of his mother and grandmother as they crafted pieces from yarn. The mechanical memory of this was triggered at a 2017 exhibition in Chelsea, when he had the chance to view the work of the late Japanese American artist Ruth Asawa. Interestingly, she attributed her fascination with making wire sculptures to her own childhood experiences of tracing shapes as she worked a plow on her parents’ farm. Michael was inspired to begin experimenting with wire and in three years of intense work has perfected his process. 

From JC, New Zealand artist– “I admire the way you work the harmonies between your inner shapes and outer shapes in your sculptures. The total effect is very exciting. I can see how they embody part of the essence of their creator”.

Born in New Zealand, Michael was involved from childhood in the arts, dance & music, which led to several professional stage performances in New Zealand & Australia and many Television appearances. Later, professionally his businesses took him around the world in the fashion industry allowing him to hone his eye for talent in that arena as well as artistically. Michael is married to Hodi Poorsoltan, and they have made Philadelphia, PA, their home since leaving New York City in 2012.

From Tabi Lifestyle Blog; “Rex has a phenomenal eye for design & the infinite possibilities of the artistic realm”

Michael refers to his works as ‘floating forms’ as indeed they are. It isn’t often that art allows you to feel simultaneously buoyant and intrigued, but these sculptures are different. Even more magical when lit at night than they are during the day, Michaels ‘floating forms’ are some of the most joyful art we’ve seen.

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